Guest Post: The Lincolnshire Fens setting for my DI Yates crime series by Christina James

I am delighted to welcome dear friend and fellow crime writer, Christina James, to the blog today to talk about the inspiration for the settings of her crime series in the Lincolnshire Fens. Christina’s latest release is Sausage Hall which is receiving excellent reviews. I have said several times to reading groups and audiences at … Read More →

Guest Post: Story Settings by Gerard Bianco

Today I welcome Gerard Bianco back to the blog to talk about the inspirations for the settings for his short stories in his new collection, A Sharp Bend in the Road. Over to you, Gerard.  Hi Jane. Every literary work grows from character. But characters have to be somewhere. They have to travel from someplace … Read More →

Novel Settings: The Beautiful Stratford upon Avon

Yesterday I submitted the latest version of Before It’s Too Late to my editor in readiness to start the final edits. Reading it through this past week has brought all those wonderful memories of research trips to Stratford-upon-Avon to the fore. There are so many elements contained in writing a novel. I’ve talked before about … Read More →

The Inspiration for my Novel's Setting by Joanne Graham

Today, I welcome fellow Legend Press author and talented writer, Joanne Graham, to the blog to share with us her inspirations for the setting of her debut novel, Lacey’s House. Lacey’s House is a beautiful story crafted in poetic prose. You can read my full review here.



At the end of an overgrown country lane on the edge of a village sits Lacey’s house. If I think about the location I can easily see the branches that hang heavy over the narrow dirt track, the line of grass growing down the centre where car wheels never touch. I know what type of trees guard the entrance and what the lane smells like on a still summer day. But the lane, nor even the village itself, exist. The images I see are composites of memories and imagination.

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Paradise in Yorkshire by Linda Huber

Today I welcome fellow Legend Press author, Linda Huber, to the blog to share with us her inspirations for the setting of her debut novel, The Paradise Trees. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel which is a real page turner. You can read my full review here. Over to you, Linda.

Things aren’t always what they seem…
When I’m writing, whether it’s a novel or a short story, location is all-important. I’ve rarely set a story in a place I haven’t visited personally, and certainly never a novel. To write convincingly and confidently I need to be able to look at the sky, feel the wind in my hair and generally get the smell of a place before I start.

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