Why Do You Write?

Some of you will be aware that this has been a difficult year for my family. We have been affected by serious illness of someone close and dear, a situation which has deteriorated in recent weeks. At times like this you pull in, rally around and try to make life as comfortable as possible for … Read More →

The Magic of Bookstores

I didn’t need to spend a day in a bookshop to remember how special they are. It’s not just the peace and tranquillity they offer, the soft music in the background, the wonderful range of titles. It’s so much more… Yes, I have a kindle too, and do read titles on there. But I can’t … Read More →

Should We Use Music In Our Fiction?

Diary of a Newbie Novelist This week I have been researching different background tunes for a scene in my current work in progress, the sequel to An Unfamiliar Murder. I need to find an album that is generally well known, atmospheric and melancholic in places, with resounding lyrics; but also upbeat in others. A tall … Read More →