Rubbing Shoulders at the BBC (With Pics!)

This week I was thrilled to be interviewed by John Griff on BBC Radio Northampton. This was my first radio interview in a station, speaking into a mic and wearing ‘cans’. It was sooo much fun!   On Arrival   On a more serious note…   Check out those ‘cans’!   I was very impressed with the DJ, John … Read More →

The Face behind the Skirt

I was the toddler glued to my Mum’s hip, the little girl who hid behind her skirt in the supermarket. As the years folded by, I learnt to hold my own and be less afraid of the big wide world, yet I still don’t seek notoriety. I’d offer to play in your band, but as … Read More →

Author Interview: Meet Dionne Lister

I’m delighted to welcome back one of my oldest Tweep friends, Dionne Lister, who has just released her debut, ‘Shadows of the Realm’. I was very fortunate to read a sample of this novel a few months ago and it looks like a seriously good read. If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, get down … Read More →

Feeling the Fear & Doing it Anyway (My 1st Podcast)

I’ve never been one to show off. Despite an excitable nature (according to my friends!), I tend to avoid the spotlight where possible. If I was in a band, I would be a backing singer. So, it was with great trepidation, and a slight rash creeping up my neck, that I signed up to Skype … Read More →