Publication Day Interview: The Wacky Man by Lyn G. Farrell

I’m thrilled to welcome fellow Legend Press author, Lyn G. Farrell to the blog today as she celebrates the release of her debut novel, The Wacky Man. Don’t you just love that cover? I can’t wait to get stuck into this one. Here’s Lyn to tell us a little more about it. Can you describe … Read More →

New Release Interview – So Low So High by Pete Sortwell

Today I welcome Pete Sortwell to the blog as he releases his latest book, So Low So High, which is already accumulating fabulous reviews. Here’s Pete to tell us a little more about it. Can you describe your novel in one sentence? ‘Not a Whodunit it but a Willhedie’ Who is your favourite character and … Read More →

New Release Interview: The Single Feather by R F Hunt

I welcome dear friend and fellow author, Ruth Hunt, to the blog today. All novels are special, but debuts especially so and Ruth is here to share with us her recent release,  The Single Feather. Here’s R F Hunt (Ruth) to tell us a little more about it. 1) Can you describe your new novel … Read More →

Those ‘Pinch Me’ Moments

Years ago, I imagined being an author was much like that of the character played by Angela Lansbury in Murder, She Wrote: sitting at a computer for a couple of hours a day, emptying the words onto a page, with a publisher hovering in the background who puts it all together and makes it a … Read More →