The Finish Line is in Sight

As we wave goodbye to the Olympics in the UK, I’m left feeling a great sense of pride for all the talented athletes that took part, sharing the elation of those who managed to achieve their aims: whether to reach the event, make a certain round, or gain a medal. All those years of hard … Read More →

Novels: What Makes a Title?

As my second book starts to take shape, I’m increasingly aware that I haven’t chosen a title yet. Scratch that. I’ve chosen several, none of which seem to quite fit. So, how important is a book title? Last month I read an article by a leading UK agent who said it was the title and … Read More →

The Face behind the Skirt

I was the toddler glued to my Mum’s hip, the little girl who hid behind her skirt in the supermarket. As the years folded by, I learnt to hold my own and be less afraid of the big wide world, yet I still don’t seek notoriety. I’d offer to play in your band, but as … Read More →

In the Name of Research

Diary of a Newbie Novelist This week I watched ‘Top Gear’ for the first time. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a group of three rather hot headed, out spoken chaps who talk and review cars. Now, I know nothing about cars – the only appeal for me is that my chugga boom gets me around … Read More →

'Something Was Wrong’ – Creating Character Names…

Diary of a Newbie Novelist Something was wrong. It was like an irritating itch I couldn’t scratch, preventing me driving the story forward. And then I realised. One of my principle character’s names wasn’t right. Our characters’ names are important – they define them in our mind, form the basis of the many layers it … Read More →