New Beginnings and Last Minute Nerves

Over the past couple of weeks, early proof copies of Before It’s Too Late have been going out to reviewers. It’s a strange time for me as the author. Even though the book has been through beta readers and edited, those nerves still creep in to see how it will be received when it gets … Read More →

The Chocolate Book Challenge

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Alison Gray to compare some of my favourite books to chocolate – you can read her blog here. I’ve picked up the baton and shared some crime fiction reads. You will see that I’ve broken the rules a little but, as it’s my blog, I decided that was okay.

I’m a Cadbury’s girl through and through, but I wanted to be a little inventive with my chocolate choices here. See what you think.

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The Truth Is Almost Out!

We’re nearly there. It’s now officially less than a month until my new book comes out and I’m feeling a fluttering of excitement, and maybe a little jangling of nerves too.

I know, I know. It’s the second time. I should know how to behave. But these past few weeks have been filled with last minute preparations, endorsements, print runs, event planning and early reviews – all very exciting stuff! Let me share a little of it with you.

I have been so lucky to get some wonderful endorsements from top crime writers Alison Bruce and Phil Rickman:

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The Literary Death Match

I watched the most extraordinary article on BBC news this morning where a reporter attended a ‘Literary Death Match’. Dubbed as the ‘X Factor of the book world’, four authors are given seven minutes each to read a passage from their book to an open audience. Once over, the readings are judged by a panel and a winner is announced.

It all seemed quite bizarre. Four seemingly established authors from different genres took to the stage individually to do their reading and ‘sell’ their book. Once over, a medal was awarded to the best writer, based on their literary merit and performance.

From the writers interviewed, some admitted they were a little nervous, others said they enjoyed the process – a chance to share their work.

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Book Review: Land of Hope by Junying Kirk

My fascination with the East continues. I bought this book after chatting with the author on Twitter and Facebook and reading some of its reviews which I found intriguing. Here is the blurb:

Junying Kirk completes her “Journey to the West” trilogy with this inter-racial saga. A complex love story is interwoven through a tale of international crime, broken dreams, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. “Journey” is just that, a merciless trek from the coast of Southern China to the drug farms in the heart of England, exposing worlds you never would have imagined exist.

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