4 thoughts on “Opening a Can of Bookworms Daily

  1. I just did and it’s excellent. Great advice there for writers and it has put An Unfamiliar Murder firmly onto my reading list now. I enjoy good crime fiction a lot. Your mention of writers being great people watchers made me smile, that is just so very true. Glad to know also that Bollo enjoys the important role of being a research assistant out in the field. 😉

    • Thanks Ash. Glad you enjoyed the post. I am a bit of a research junkie, especially when I’ve Mr Bollo to keep me company, lol. Hope you enjoy An Unfamiliar. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Hey, Jane. Very well done. I left a note over there. I nearly gave up looking for the article until I realized that I was looking at Friday’s Daily, and that I needed to check the archive for Thursday’s Daily – but I ultimately did find it.
    I get lazy when it comes to some research, so thanks for the kick in the pants. *grumbles* 😉


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