A New Year, A New Book

As we wave goodbye to 2015, it leaves me in a nostalgic mood. It was a very busy writing year for me with the release of my third novel in the June, re-gaining the rights to my debut in the summer, and writing the next Will Jackman novel. So I couldn’t have been more ready … Read More →

The Truth Will Out 99p Sale Continues!

Many thanks to all who supported the 99p Kindle sale for The Truth Will Out yesterday. I’ve been advised that it is now continuing until the end of December! I’ve been very lucky with this book. It was chosen as a Thriller of the Month by E-Thriller.com when it was released, and selected as a … Read More →

The Truth Goes Large, A Research Trip & A Book Club

This week I received my author copies of the large print version of The Truth Will Out. This is my first large print and interestingly it’s quite different to the other versions of the book. They’ve zoomed in to show just a part of the cover art, replaced the black, grey and red colouration with … Read More →