My Summer Holiday 2015 Reads

I love holidays: the adventure of exploring new places and cultures, the timelessness, the space to kick back and indulge. This year we took no phones and used no internet; our days were completely our own. Under these circumstances, after a busy few hours exploring, I tend to catch up on my reading and this … Read More →

An Interesting Read – Written in Blood by Mike Silverman

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of forensic science. Whether it be DNA, fingerprints, fibre samples or something else, rarely is a serious crime solved without using a clue obtained from the white-clothed army of ants that crawl all over it.

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An Unusual Find

I never seem to be able to come out of a bookshop empty-handed lately. Problem is, at every one of my book signings I’ve acquired something new and my reading pile is now in danger of toppling over and doing some real damage.

You may recall me telling you about the interesting range of books at Kibworth bookshop last week? Well, in spite of the three books I bought to read for National Crime Reading Month (which I haven’t even started yet), I also picked up the above which is turning out to be quite an interesting one.

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The Chocolate Book Challenge

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Alison Gray to compare some of my favourite books to chocolate – you can read her blog here. I’ve picked up the baton and shared some crime fiction reads. You will see that I’ve broken the rules a little but, as it’s my blog, I decided that was okay.

I’m a Cadbury’s girl through and through, but I wanted to be a little inventive with my chocolate choices here. See what you think.

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