Those final steps…

This week I wrote my dedication and acknowledgements for The Truth Will Out. An exciting time for any author, but also one that fills me with a little apprehension. There are so many people that have helped with research and support during the two years it took me to write this novel. I desperately don’t want to miss anyone out. The book wouldn’t be what it is today without all the help I’ve received and I’m grateful to each and every one of them.

A few days later, I received the typeset PDF version of the book. It’s interesting how a different arrangement transforms a word document manuscript into the layout of a real book. I admit I felt a sizzle of excitement. There’s even an author bio and picture of me, and of course Bollo gets a mention too. Even though this is the second time around, I’m still pinching myself. I don’t think the exhilaration of seeing your own work in print ever leaves you. Continue reading

My Top Literary Influences by Junying Kirk

I’m delighted to share blog space today with dear friend and talented author of the Journey to the West trilogy, Junying Kirk, to share the literary influences that shaped her career. Over to you, Junying:

When friend and fellow author Jane asked me if I could do a guest post on top literary influences on my writing career, I immediately agreed. Piece of cake, I thought. After all, I enjoy talking about my writing idols and books I consider master pieces.

However, when I actually sit down in front of my keyboard and sort the many favourite books out in my head, I begin to wonder: Would I be able to highlight just how influential some of them have been, and not to miss out books I have really loved in my long reading life? Continue reading

My Writing Life in the Greek Islands by Jennifer Barclay

I’m delighted to share blog space today with fellow dog lover and author, Jennifer Barclay. Jennifer now lives and writes on the Greek island of Tilos – an idyllic corner of the world. Over to you, Jennifer.

It was only once I started writing my book, Falling in Honey, that I realised how obvious it was that I had to come and live in Greece one day.

The story starts around my fortieth birthday, and charts two years of my life until I moved to the tiny Greek island of Tilos. (Clue: it didn’t go smoothly.) Continue reading

Sense of Place by International Crime Writer Mari Hannah

I’m delighted to welcome international crime writer and dear tweep friend, Mari Hannah, to the blog today. Mari is author of the DCI Kate Daniels detective series and just this week she was awarded the Polari Prize 2013 for her novel, The Murder Wall. Congratulations Mari! She releases her fourth book, Monument to Murder, on 21st November. Today Mari joins us to talk about the influential setting for her crime series.

Landscape, any landscape, has long influenced art: music, painting, poetry and prose. As an avid reader, what I most love about books is that they transport me to places I’ve never been. For example, Brighton is a city I’ve never visited except in Peter James’ novels and yet he draws it so clearly, I feel I know it well. The same could be said of David Mark and Hull. Now, through my writing, I have the privilege of sharing my own part of the world with new readers both here, in Germany and in the US. Continue reading

My Literary Influences by Isaiyan Morrison

Today I welcome fellow Rainstorm Press writer and author of the newly released ‘Deamhan’ to the blog, Isaiyan Morrison, to share the literary influences that have shaped her career.

Who are my top literary influences? It’s hard to say. There are so many fantastic authors out there and works that I’ve enjoyed and want to read. However, my influences aren’t other dark fiction or horror authors. Continue reading